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Big, bold, and funnier than a cat in a onesie playing bagpipes, Haylah’s been busy with her online comedy material. But life on the internet comes with its own can of trolls and proving she’s funny is tougher than Haylah thought it’d be! Plus, her new boyfriend Dylan hasn’t even tried kissing her yet, and when her deadbeat dad decides to turn up, life as she’s known it is tossed into one big, colossal mess.

So, what better way to vent, than to spill the tea to her newly found audience? But when friends and family discover Haylah’s ranting videos on the web, Haylah finds herself with a lot of explaining to do.

Rebecca Elliott’s contemporary YA rom-com stars a strong, memorable heroine and features a story full of heart, humor, and relatable themes of body image, self-esteem, relationship building, and taking ownership of mistakes. A laugh-out-loud, binge-worthy read.

Pretty Rude for a Girl

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